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My name is Wouter van der Velde. This is my first year studying for Application and Media Development.

I am currently a student at Landstede Zwolle. When I am not coding I like to spent time with my friends (mostly gaming with each other).
It really motivates me when I see something that just works and that I have made myself. If it somehow does not work, it also motivates me to fix it. Overall I like to experiment and learn new coding languages.

Known Languages

Languages I know so far:

Languages I am learning right now:

Current project:

Me and 3 other students formed for our current school project a team called,

The idea of this app is that you can easily see the next departure time of your next bus on the selected bus station. We want a simple design and an easy to use interface.

This is the first time we use Java and Android Studio. Our initial plan is to cover all of the bus stations in Zwolle. Although this may expand in the future.

Curriculum vitae

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